Limited Partnership Agreement Resolution

Please read the explanations at the end of this document before signing your consent to the resolution. We, the undersigned, were irrevocably in favour of resolution and resolution at the time the resolution [OR] was put into circulation. In accordance with the clause [reference number] of the single limited partnership contract of the [insert date] governing the affairs of the LLP, it is proposed to make the following decisions as decisions [written or written]: The main task of the incumbents in the case of private and corporate insolvency is to recover and distribute to the creditors of the company or individuals assets belonging to a company or an individual. Office holders have different obligations and powers to achieve this. For The Standard Conditions of Sale (SCS), currently in its 5th edition (revision 2018), a number of standard conditions are generally included in residential real estate sales contracts. Standard commercial conditions (third edition – revision 2018) (SCPC) are used.