Kreskin’s ESP Album

kreskin If you wanted to be hypnotized into the wonderful world of Kreskin now is your chance. Here is the full Kreskin ESP album teaching you everything from swinging a pendulum to teaching someone else how to swing a pendulum…and you might even learn more about pendulums! Kreskin MP3’s 42 mb

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  1. Tom

    This is wonderful. Three years I purchased this album,, thinking I would be able to play it on my turntable, once received. Unfortunately, my turntable (my record player) mysteriously stopped working before the album came in the mail. S P O O K Y , H U H ! ?

    I had a friend who had a working turntable, and he offered to make a CD for me. But he left the album iin the car on a hot summer day and . . .GETTING SPOOKIER, ISN’T IT.. . .

    So, today I finally discovered this entry on this website and NOW, after three years, I finally have a copy of the album. Not so spooky, but vvery gratifying.

    Thank you so very much for putting this album within my grasp. I have listened to it, now, and it is at least twice as good as I hoped it was.