I punched a ghost in a library on television!

In the field of what is commonly called “paranormal research” there seems to be at least three major groups of individuals.

1. Hunters
2. Investigators
3. Entertainers

Here is a quick checklist to see where you, another individual or group, fall into place. Of course parts from on category can be added or subtracted to others to get a better fit.


  • Usually perform on-site investigations at different locations approx. 3 times a month.
  • Very often will post evidence within a week of an investigation… after showing it mostly to friends.
  • Are likely to investigate locations where 100’s of other people go to investigate
  • Will often state publicly their wish that paranormal phenomena was an accepted science
  • Very often shows off all the “equipment” they use
  • Will usually state that they know where paranormal phenomena happens
  • Will perform investigations wearing clothing that display ghosts, spooky fonts and other “scary” things on them


  • Likely to perform on-site investigations after thoroughly researching the location and all encompassing information
  • May post evidence only after extensive peer-review
  • Often investigates private/public locations with little to no public mention of the investigation itself
  • Are not easily startled or scared.
  • Usually treats the research of paranormal phenomena as if it were an accepted science
  • Probably does not show off all the “equipment” they use
  • Will be very able to change their ideas
  • Is interested in all locations whether allegedly “haunted” or not
  • Usually have data-sets and a large amount of paperwork


  • Mostly performs on-site investigations on Television, Radio, or via the Internet
  • Shows “evidence” mostly on TV, Radio, or via the Internet during their investigation or closely afterwards.
  • Often investigates at events with groups of people
  • Usually investigates locations where 100’s of other people go to investigate
  • Will often state publicly that Paranormal phenomena is not an accepted science but also state that they wish it was taken more seriously
  • Will show off all the “equipment” they use
  • Usually state that they know where paranormal phenomena happens
  • Has a overly large amount of merchandise to sell people

So, where do you fit in? You can also mix and match from the 3 lists to find yourself.

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  1. magicmoonz

    I grew up in a haunted house. There, I experienced many types of Ghost/Spirits. The Good, the Bad, The Ugly/Evil! As an adult I rented for a short time the house next door. Spirits there as well, though I think I knew them as the old couple that had passed on. One time I physically ran into one of them. I think the ‘husband”. A quick, sudden turn and bam. For a second I was startled, because it felt like I ran into somebody. But, nothing was there. I was alone. So, I just said “Oh, excuse me” and went about my business. Over time, I think I de-sensitized myself to them. I need to re-sensitize myself, I think. I still hear bumps in the night, it scares me most to think that somebody is in the house or breaking in, than it does to think that it is a spirit. My sons both grew up sensitive. My oldest – 21- would also tell me of seeing peoples Auras. My youngest -17- seeing them. But, only very recently told me of a dark shadow that’s haunted him since he was young and still does so. It scares him.
    I guess I don’t fall into any of the categories you listed. I’m just experienced in seeing/feeling/knowing of that other dimension as I call it.
    I do so well know what you’re talking about as for the Type 3. I do find it entertaining and it sometimes makes me giggle when they are “hunting” and get “SOOOO SCARED”. LOL
    It’s like WTF are you doing it for… ohhhh yeah… ha haha dorks!
    ~ Annette 🙂


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