Historic Haunts – Indian Village

Haunted Indian Village, Detroit

When it comes to historic neighborhoods, Detroit’s Indian Village is a perennial favorite with investigators. But along with rich history and gorgeous architecture, the village is also home to more than a few ghost stories.

A Brief Look at some Haunted Locations

1. Owners of a Georgian on Seminole have witnessed what’s been described as a “ghostly” woman descending their main staircase. Upon reaching the bottom, the woman wipes her eyes with a handkerchief and vanishes into what was once the butler’s room.

2. Passersby have reported seeing a young girl in the window of another home on Seminole. With ribbons in her golden hair, she stands motionless in one of the top floors three south-facing windows. On occasion, witnesses have spotted the girl waving to them, but she vanishes as soon as the wave’s returned.

3. Near Parker and Coe, residents have described seeing a phantom tennis player wandering dangerously close to cars traveling on Parker. The man, with racket in hand, is seen mostly at dawn and quickly vanishes in the headlights of passing cars or in the first rays of the morning sun. Though the original tennis club — located in this area — was destroyed by fire in 1984, no one is believed to have been killed.


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