Haunted Hooey – Part Three: Cold Readings – Section 1

Cold Readings

Over the last 100 years there have been numerous and various attempts to gather and collect data which would prove that some, or all, people do indeed possess some sort of psychic ability. The results are as controversial as the findings and belief systems of the persons involved in administering and taking the tests. One thing we do know for sure is that there are ways to conduct what look like actual psychic readings without having any psychic ability at all, the most commonly known is the process of “Cold Reading.” Now, the ways in which cold reading can be done are extensive and well beyond the scope of what  I am attempting to cover in the first part of this brief article but I will hopefully try and touch upon some of the more interesting and deceitful ways in which anyone can create the illusion of psychic powers.

Acting like you know:

A very subtle way of starting to influence  how a person thinks about you and your “psychic” powers is to phrase very simple actions which the person is already naturally doing. If you ask someone to, “think of a name” or “think about someone” give them a moment and then say something to the effect of, “Now, as you finish thinking.”  The language is key in cold reading.  You would never say, “Tell me when you’re finished” because this would reveal that you don’t know when they are done. But, since you’ve given them a command, “Think about someone who is near to you.” and since you’ve waited a moment you can assume they have done the action and are nearing completion of the task. So, when you say, “Now, as you finish.” There is a subtle sense that you knew they were finishing the task.

Using proper indirect comments like this allows the person to start believing that you know what is going on in their mind at every moment.


The basic standard of all cold readings is realizing that humans, for as much as we like to believe, are not very different. When speaking in generalities we are often times relating to others on a much deeper level because they have experienced similar experiences.  There are six key demographics that a cold reader must deal with these are young men, young women, mature men, mature women, senior men and senior women. These six types of individuals are “tendency oriented” which is very much like stereotyping. Again, we are not so different and it is this commonality that can be best exploited. Let’s look at some examples you can use on each of the types.
Young Men:  There is a lot of energy and desire to accomplish goals. They are deeply skeptical. They are starting to feel commitment pressures from lovers. They are looking for a “big break” and usually are wondering why everything is taking so long to happen.
Things to say during a cold read: Don’t call her…Progressing slowly… More Waiting… Big Opportunity.

Young Women: They are usually feeling undervalued at their job because of this there is a tendency to feel that they are smarter and harder working then the others at their job.There is a heavy focus on professional development. They are striving to stay independent and concerned with not making the mistakes of their Mothers. Social pressures are at their highest at this point for younger women.
Things to say during a cold read:  That guy… Love won’t hurt… it takes sacrifices… They will see… More attractive… Last Chance.

Mature Men:  They are mostly reaching material stability. Ther is an increase in wondering about investments of time and money. There is a decrease in self-esteem and health is becoming an issue.
Things to say during a cold read: Thinking of an adventure… It’s not too late…Call a doctor… Too risky?…Need more energy.

Typically the hardest to read are mature women. This is due to the changing nature and aspects of society. There are two general categories of mature women
1. Conventional
2. Modern.
There is some overlap and so it is up to the cold reader to make the leap using body posturing, and manner of speech/ dress to determine the best fit.

Mature Women:
Conventional: There is a tendency to be slightly more judgmental about younger women but celebratory about younger women’s courage. Thinking about traditional motherhood roles increases and there are concerns about health issues.
Modern: There is an increase in the feelings of mistreatment about their role in society. They are willing to explore new areas of thought. A growing concerned with partner fidelity and personal health issues.
Things to say during a cold reading: Right decision?…Hard Choices…Keeping it a secret…worrying too much…no one cares.

Senior Men: They are more cynical about the future. Health is vastly important. There is an increase in enjoying life without pressures of ambition. Small things are valued for their worth.
Things to say at a cold read: Too many places…They’ll see…How much more time?…They think they know.

Senior Women: They are demanding of themselves, and there is an increase in self-rediscovery. They have pride with the ability to deal with difficult situations. Embracing progress becomes important.
Things to say at a cold read: Unspoken pain…I’m proud of him (her)…He (she) doesn’t know how to take care of him (her)…living alone.

Although the above outlines are very brief they serve as examples of how and what people performing cold readings can say, or do, to influence how you feel about the “psychic” experience they are performing for you. The most important thing a cold reader can understand is that they already know all about you because they know people like you.

In the next post we’ll get specific about how cold readers can get specific.


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