Ghost Stalkers : A Tenney Perspective

During paranormal investigations, I have seen people put a ball in the center of the floor and ask “spirits” to “Roll the ball.”

Last year the ball began to roll.

Over the last 27 years, I’ve been involved with innumerable projects—some succeeding, some failing—but they are always learning experiences. True to form, the biggest of my failures were my greatest learning experiences and therefore not failures at all. Early in 2014, I was contacted to be a part of a new paranormal television show. My history working in television has been a tumultuous one, which—on many occasions—has broken my heart. All I’ve ever wanted to do in my studies of paranormal/anomalistic phenomena is make people think more deeply and honestly about, what seems to be, this currently shared reality and what may lie beyond it. I agreed somewhat grudgingly at first to be involved with this new project because I felt it was time people tried to help elevate the public discourse regarding paranormal phenomena. I found that the more I stood for honesty and forthrightness, the more the doors popped open. This has rarely been the case over the last 27 years. Sensationalism and hyperbole are usually the name of the game when it comes to television, especially television and “ghosts.” Of course, I understand that television is entertainment; you have to make a show people will enjoy and engage with, etc. etc., but this was a true opportunity to take a baby step in what I feel is the right direction for paranormal television. The show has spooky moments, scary visuals, and building, driving music that raises the pulse of the viewer, but it is mostly a show about the investigators. This is a side of paranormal television rarely seen. My co-star Chad Lindberg and I allow everyone to see who we are and what we feel, and in every instance to share in our terror and joy. During the filming of the show, there are some very exciting and mind-boggling happenings that are captured on video. As an almost 30 year veteran in paranormal research, I couldn’t be happier and more excited to share those moments with the world. But there is something more amazing than “ghosts caught on tape” in these episodes. Viewers will see personal transformations: the growth of two people both spiritually and psychologically. Because Chad and I choose to investigate isolated from all outside human interference, we are forced not only to deal with any alleged inhuman/post-human entities; we are forced to confront ourselves. Ideas and beliefs, hopes and fears stripped away and evolved in front of a camera.

I know that people will criticise the “evidence,” that people will rip apart every word spoken to find some “flaw” in the show—that is what our culture has become. I’m fine with it. Anyone who knows me knows that I am the first in the room to call “bullshit” when it comes to shakey, poorly-lit video and tenuous experimentation procedures.  Don’t think for a moment I don’t want to hear the critics and the complaints; on the contrary, I beg to hear them. I have been on a 27+ year journey and I need to know what the machine I am inside of looks like. Viewers can see, with a clearer perspective, what I am too close to see. I need YOU to be my eyes and ears because together can we create and construct new ideas that individually may never come to pass.

A few words to the different aspects of our community:

To the believers: Enjoy the ride. At this point it’s probably the closest thing to actual investigations and non-tomfoolery you will ever see or have ever seen on TV, and I wait with bated breath to hear if you loved, liked, or hated it.

To the skeptics: Enjoy the ride. At this point it’s probably the closest thing to actual investigations and non-tomfoolery you will ever see or have ever seen on TV, and I wait with bated breath to hear if you loved, liked, or hated it.

To everyone else: Enjoy the ride.

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with hate, jealousy, intolerance, and a seemingly endless supply of negativity. I see nothing wrong with good people telling good stories that will make you laugh, scream, and then hold the hand of the person next to you and say, “Wow, what a ride.”

And the ball continues to roll.

john e.l. tenneyThanks for everything you do.


  1. Lori Dorsey

    I will enjoy watching you on this new adventure. You were at an investigation I participated in at Octagon Hall in Kentucky. So enjoyed your thoughts & observations then. Good Luck!!!! I’ve had my own encounters the last 4 years & I hope to keep learning as much as I can!!!

  2. rjodilia

    Investigating paranormal activity, “isolated from all outside human interference,” is intriguing! If and when you are “forced to confront yourselves,” be assured it will satisfy the odd attraction to reality TV, in this modern age. Assuredly, it will make Ghost Stalkers a resounding success! I am looking forward to seeing this show!

    TV programming that captures people’s imagination do really well, like Ghost Adventures. I’m sure Ghost Stalkers will do just as well. No matter what the doing-nothing-but-criticizing folks say; they ARE interested in ghosts, paranormal activity, and all kinds of weird, outlandish occurrences. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be glued to the tube, watching the TV show long enough to try to find something to criticize…

    I am fascinated by the paranormal, as are millions of people. I’m a voracious reader, so I do a lot of research, not only on the paranormal, but a wide variety of topics. Related to the “spirit,” and what occurs after death; we all have an aura, in layers, around the body. Critics can’t even disapprove it, cause it’s been proven by Kerlian photography. Perhaps you could weave aspects of the human aura into a few minutes of an episode. People need to learn these things. It makes people less self-oriented, and explains lots about spiritual energy, which is where paranormal investigation intersects human existence.

  3. MArk

    I love the show!!!
    An honest look into the Paranormal.
    Keep up the great work.

  4. John R Moore

    John, I enjoyed the show very much and anticipate it’s return. Like Lori, I met you at the Octagon Hall four years ago and enjoyed your comments and conversation then. Your sidekick is a little over the top; however, it is the entertainment business. Long live “Ghost Stalkers”!!!


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