Ghost Stalkers: Episode Two – Springfield Hospital : Notes and Thoughts

What you didn’t see, or might have missed, on the episode.

  • Again, Chad and I always do a daytime investigation of the location. Some of this was seen as we discovered the steam tunnels. Finding an entrance to the steam tunnels took awhile but once inside we found multiple ways in and out. You can see this in the episode by the fact that we discovered the tunnels as a covered hole in the ground, which thankfully became noticeable because the city had recently mowed the lawn, and we leave through an access door.
  • Cemetery Daytime investigation. When Chad and I visited the cemetery, where the unclaimed bodies had been moved to, we sat and did an EVP session and paid our respects. Only a brief moment of this was shown.
  • The crew freaking out. Although Chad and I investigate and are completely alone at night during the day there is a small camera crew helping set up cameras and doing “B-Roll” which includes time-lapse shots, shots of the location and helping with witness interviews. It was at Springfield that many of the crew, highly skeptical of paranormal phenomena, started freaking out and getting scared from strange happenings around the location.
  • Bathroom breaks. Springfield does not have running water but there is a porta-toilet on sight. It was gross.
  • My overly long, but interesting, narration about ions. In this episode you only get brief snippets of my overly long monologue about positive and negative ions. What you don’t hear is when I discuss how human physiology is affected by Negative ions, they reduce stress, lower blood pressure etc. while Positive ions, caused by “dirty” EMF fields, can cause headaches, nausea, etc. Someone experiencing these contrary conditions might feel as though they are experiencing something supernatural.
  • There is a larger monologue about water-filled places, not just the Bermuda Triangle, which have reported anomalistic phenomena. You only heard the Bermuda Triangle part.
  • Chad and I opening the Starr building. During the first day on site Chad and I had to literally pry boards off the door of the Starr building to get inside. It took forever.
  • Bats. When I was in the steam tunnels at night I went down a tunnel exploring and crawled into a portion that was inhabited by hundred of bats. That portion of the tunnel was so small I had to crawl backwards about 50 feet to get out. BATS!
  • The immensity of the location. This location was huge and the buildings were enormous. between all of the buildings, tunnels etc. It was really easy to get lost…especially at night in the dark.
  • Black Mold, Asbestos and Lead Paint. Chad and I carried around little face masks with us because the buildings were filled with toxicity. We chose to investigate most of the time without masks so that we could be understood when we talked to the camera.
  • I almost fell through a 2nd story floor. One of the buildings had a very sketchy floor, no one has been in the location in so long that no one knew about this. During my night investigation I realized I was standing on a 2nd story wood floor that was crumbling beneath my feet. I left before I plunged through it.

Other things you might not have known

  • The city had prepared to renovate the W building, where we experienced most of the activity. It wasn’t too difficult to seal the building again air leaks and drafts due to the fact that some prep work had already been done by the city since the building was filled with asbestos and mold.
  • Sykesville, the city that Springfield is located near, has legends of a bigfoot-like monster. Chad and I discussed this but none of it made it to the episode.
  • The Police. At least once on each night the local police showed up to check on whoever was in the RV.
  • The moving image caught by the check-in camera after Chad leaves the room was discovered the next day. My bad, I admit I missed it when it happened. Although I narrate as it happens, in the episode, Chad was the one who caught it while reviewing the video; this is why he shows it to me at the end of the episode. The image is really weird in the fact that not only does it block light from the laser grid but it also seems to reflect or create light. If you go back and watch the footage it looks like part of “it” shines or reflects light. hmmm.

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  1. Rebecca

    I really love the show u r a very knowledgeable man John and I have much respect for u and Chad.. I also love how Nick is behind the scene some of the best in the field. We may never get all the answers we are looking for but it don’t hurt too keep at it.. Good stuff Thank you for your devotion

  2. Jennifer

    While I’ll admit I’m recording the Springfield episode right now and have yet to watch it, I’m not sure that I believe it’s haunted. I am not a skeptic in any way, but I’m skeptical about Springfield. I live in Sykesville and my house is less than one mile from the main entrance to Springfield. I’ve never seen or heard anything out of the ordinary, and I’ve walked around there countless times. I will start paying closer attention while on my walks with my family though. I want to hear something!

  3. Niki

    I used to work at Springfield Hospital Center, therefore I was not only excited to see this episode but I have to admit I was also jealous (that I didn’t get to investigate there too)! I loved the concept of the show and am disappointed it isn’t on anymore. Much love to John, Chad and David.


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