Ghost Stalkers: Episode 3 – Old Taylor Hospital : Notes & Thoughts

Hey everybody welcome to another “What you didn’t see on the episode”

Ready? Begin.

  • The daylight investigation was actually pretty crazy and it’s weird that it didn’t make the final cut into this episode. An earlier cut, that I saw, did have part of our daytime investigation but in the final cut it is gone. When Chad and I were upstairs in the hospital’s attic something threw a tin can at us. As we entered the room you can see the can on the floor and as Chad and I walk by it something hurls the can at us. I was surreal but awesome. Maybe someday it will be a web-clip or extra content.
  • David getting shocked by sitting too close to the Tesla coil. While we were setting up the experiment in the day David moved too close and got a little “zap”. Everyone had a good laugh.
  • A small part of the hospital has been used as a “haunted house” for Halloween, so there were some decorations in part of the main-floor rooms. We tried to stay out of those rooms because like most Halloween attractions the decor is pretty dumb looking.
  • Securing the location. Because the location has a lot of doors everyone on the crew checked and rechecked to make sure there was only one way in or out. It literally took us hours.
  • Bathroom breaks. Old Taylor does not have running water so during both Chad and my night investigation we “held it” the only bathroom available was in the RV.
  • Everyone’s concern that I might get really “zapped” trying to touch the Tesla coil. I talked to David about it before he left for the night and we talked about the possibility that I might get shocked but we took precautions to make sure I wouldn’t. Also you don’t see me, during the episode, tell the camera “Kids don’t try this at home” which I said multiple times. Also I did get shocked a couple times. HA!

Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this episode…

The walking figure.

Honestly, I don’t know what it is.

  • I took the footage to our head of photography for the show and had him check it out. I wanted fresh, skeptical eyes to see it. Our head of photography has worked on hundreds of paranormal reality shows and after seeing this footage and running it through all kinds of image processing software eventually told me, “This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen working on a paranormal show”
  • The building was sealed off and “sweeped” by the crew before they left, we do this at every location to make sure no one is in the building. Since Chad and I are alone when we investigate it is a safety measure we take to make sure there isn’t anyone who might hurt us when we’re alone in the building.
  • I saw the figure I saw it in real time. Although it’s often mind-numbing to stare at the check-in camera monitor all night long it’s necessary and in this case was worth it. I honestly didn’t even know if I saw what I saw. By that I mean the camera is a live feed I have no way to go back and look at it until the morning. So I saw the figure and then I was like, “what did I just see?” It wasn’t until the morning after Chad was done that I could go retrieve the camera and check for what I thought I saw.
  • The figure is soundless. The check-in camera has a microphone on it and although the hospital is loud and echo-filled when the figure walks through the hallway it does not make any sounds associated with movement or walking.
  • It’s walking around in total darkness. People forget that everything you see on the show is illuminated by IR lights, which cast no visable light and therefore everything you see is happening in total darkness. The figure is walking around in total darkness. I can tell you one of the things that gets edited out of every episode, of not only our show but most paranormal shows, is all of the stumbling, tripping and walking into stuff that goes on when you are in the dark. The figure we catch almost looks like it’s assuredly walking around yet it is doing so in complete blackness.
  • Naked? This is just my perspective but the figure, to me, looks naked.

Once again, I don’t know what it is but it’s awesome.

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  1. Claire

    I am wondering why nobody has posted a comment about this episode. Maybe inter-dimensional beings only warrant attention when their existence is limited to the viewer’s imagination? I think it was great, I am seldom interested in reality television shows but I really enjoyed this episode. Thank you for not being a puss ass on your investigation.

  2. Robbin Terry

    John, did you go back to re-enact that figure with a live person. I would just be curious to see what it would look like in comparison to what you have. Also if by chance it could have been the heat signature of maybe Chad walking in the area. Just questions but it was a very cool catch.

  3. Lynn

    John: You gotta go back and watch the footage of your interview with the owner during the daytime in the OR. I saw four different shadow figures flying along on the white wall above the owners head during your interview with him. These shadow figures move right to left for three of them and the fourth and last moves left to right. These were all captured on Chad’s hand-held camera. They start almost right after you walk into the operating room.

  4. Leah Thompson

    I so wish you could have gotten the whole figure from head to toe. I am convinced that it was something inhuman. Cloaked in some kind of reflective suit. Skin tight and designed to hide its wearer. Plus, it looked huge. Much bigger than Chad when he walked by the doorway. I’m totally flummoxed, but excited for more!!

  5. Misti McClure

    Funny you mention the person walking giving you the impression they were naked. To me the stride and the swing of the arms seems like a carefree being. Considering the location housed people with emotional issues and varied degrees of intellectual development it stands to reason if it is a human spirit they are roaming the halls freely now,I had the impression he/she/it was content for some reason.

  6. Sharon

    I just posted a comment on YouTube regarding this clip and I’m so pleased that my eyes were not deceiving me. The ghost/spirit/entity IS stark naked, and furthermore, you see that, too! What went on in this place?


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