Ghost Stalkers: Episode Six – Farrar School : Notes and Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen the season finale, which took place at Farrar School in Iowa, here are some thoughts and notes about “What you didn’t see on the episode”

  • The daylight investigation is partially show as Chad, David and I experiment with the biometrics. Chad and I, as in every episode perform a larger more thorough daytime investigation getting and setting baseline readings and in this episode checking out our biology in different locations. We also switch equipment around the school to check my heart-rate/blood pressure and Chad’s brainwave patterns. Chad and I actually did a second daytime investigation on the last day after our solo night investigations were over none of that was shown even though we caught a really awesome, and funny, EVP in the boiler room.
  • The crew getting freaked out. Once again a location where the crew, who were mostly hardcore skeptics when Ghost Stalkers first started filming but that didn’t last long, were constantly being touched and “teased” around the school. I wish we could do a behind the scenes with our crew so they could tell you their stories, alas contracts, on-screen time, blah blah etc. Maybe in a season 2 we could get permission to show them on camera and let you hear their stories first-hand.
  • I wanted to go back to Farrar. I had been to Farrar a year earlier and wanted to go back. When I was first there I was so intrigued by the amount of stories and experiences I’d heard about I thought it would be an awesome location for me to re-visit. I was right.
  • Bathroom breaks were easier since there are working toilets. We were very excited about doing another location that had electricity and plumbing! Not only is having bathrooms a bonus but knowing that the structure wasn’t going to collapse around us allowed Chad and I to focus more on our personal experiences. In this episode one of the people interviewed is William Conkel, he has spent countless hours renovating the building and helping maintain the integrity of this historic structure.
  • Localized cold. We talk about this and you see some of it in the episode but what doesn’t come across is the fact that although Chad and I both experienced “cold” spots it wasn’t the ambient room temperature that changed at all. The cold was happening to us. Almost every time we got cold we checked the room temperatures and it wouldn’t change whatever was happening it was happening directly to us.
  • Digging a hole. If you watch episode one of Ghost Stalkers, Whispers Estate, there is a cut-away in that episode, when Gwen is talking about a “medical waste pit”, the clip of that recreation was actually done at Farrar.
  • My recorder. You get to see this strange phenomena happen but you don’t see me testing it out all over the school. This is one of the awesome moments when it benefits the show that we are not “locked” into the location. If I had been locked in I wouldn’t have been able to go outside to test the recorder and get the results that I got.Now, let’s get to the meat of the episode shall we?Obviously networks want what they want and once the episode is done being filmed Chad and I have very little say in how it is edited. With that being said I can tell you I flexed every ounce of influence I have to make sure this episode didn’t end up portrying Farrar as an “evil” place or even that The Principal was “evil”. Anyone that knows me also knows that I think spirit boards are simply tools like any other tool whether it be a hammer or a digital recorder. I think I made this clear in the episode when I talk about the intent of the user being more important than the tool. A hammer can build a house or can be used to kill someone but it’s not the hammer it’s the person holding the hammer.
    I do not think in any way that Farrar is evil or bad or dangerous. Again, and I can’t say this enough; I fought to make sure Farrar was shown in the most positive light the network would allow. I was really frustrated when I saw the first rough-cut of the episode because I saw the network taking it down the wrong path. I called, argued and eventually got the episode to be what I think is the smartest episode of Ghost Stalkers and indeed my personal favorite episode out of the six. I think Farrar gives you what you give it and I also think the school is what it always as been, a place for people to meet, grow and learn.

    Have any other questions or comments? Feel free to email me


  1. William

    I can’t find fault with your interpretation of the data as shown during the episode and here in this blog. Also your accounting for what you witnessed at the site in this episode seems a solidly likely and reasoned explanation. Further, we often do ‘hear’ what we ‘see’, so the editing of a show would certainly impact my perceptions even if only at the subconscious level. In addition your years of fieldwork, research, and experience and that you’re a first hand witness of this location makes me heavily question my own intuitions, and interpretations regarding Farrar school now.

    However given my own experiences elsewhere, particularly related to similarity with the drawing of the figure you saw that night, and the past team’s experience on site, I’m given a bit of pause for seeing Farrar as being more so reactive and interpretive to the individual’s expectations. Maybe it is just the ‘Florence Tanner and Dr Lionel Barrett’ impasse, is Hell House just a battery which people open and close circuits to with their own mental state? Or does it have a cognitive presence its own, with specific ends to meet beyond the more neutral ones you proposed at the end of the episode? (If someone finds a legless billionaire, in a secret, sheathed in lead room at that school, I’m so shouting ‘called it!’) But certain aspects of the place based on my own intuition, and documented on the show, make me not see it as being as neutral on the living to the degree you found.

    Thanks to you and the rest of the people who make the show for another great episode that I found to be the best of the first season. I’m definitely hoping to see more in a longer second season like the rest of the #StalkerSociety is.

  2. Nitro

    Nice wrap up John. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Will Conkel

    You’re an amazing friend Tenney.
    Your flight was apparent in the episode. I was very pleased. This was indeed my favorite episode as well. Not because I was in it but I can see how pure you 3 are. You witnessed what we have experienced many many times and didn’t embellish it. You focused on the dark but, didn’t call it evil. Thank you my friend. Jacquelyn and I anticipate your return 😉

  4. Lisa Kovanda

    I come from a scientific background. Whatever theological/philosophical thoughts someone has about spirit boards, as an investigator, there is nothing to document objective reproducible data that can be analyzed in any way from using one during an investigation. When it came up to try one, the intent was to see if utilizing one as a trigger object would allow us to document EMF, EVP, K2, shadows, photographs, video, temperature changes… The types of things that can be analyzed, and preferably on multiple devices at the same time.
    Thank you for fighting for the changes in the episode. Did my group summon the “dark entity?” Personally, I don’t think so. We were far from the first team to investigate, or report the presence of something less than friendly, or at least not aware of its own strength as it made its presence known. Like you, I couldn’t understand why the building would even be haunted. We walked the cemetery across the street with equipment. Nothing. We really expected it to be a rather quiet night where we did some training in techniques for investigating large locations with the challenges of no power on the upper levels. Our ten minute trigger object session certainly triggered something, including increased EMF readings, and ending up six feet across the room on my face with all of my equipment on the ground around me. The funny thing was others on my team were trying to get pictures of the red marks on my back, and I was more worried about checking to make sure all the equipment and cameras were functioning.

  5. Chriss Pagani

    I want to hear more about the entity you drew: how long was it in your view? How directly were you able to view it? Did it seem solid?

  6. Kayson

    I was watching the Farrar episode today and you guys missed something. Something goes pass one of the static cameras towards the end of the episode. I don’t know what it was but it freaked me and my family out when we noticed it.


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