Ghost Stalkers: Episode Five – Wheatlands Plantation : Notes and Thoughts

This week’s episode of Ghost Stalkers has aired, so let’s air it out and talk about “What you didn’t see on the episode”

  • Daylight: The day-time investigation is actually shown. Well, part of it but at least it was shown. The area and property have so many different portions you only see snippets. You also only see us talking about the RF fields and Gamma detector. The reality is that during the day we do baseline readings for the property so that we can see if things change throughout the day. Some of this is shown but in the final version it was pared down to RF and Gamma.
  • Chad in socks? Did you notice Chad was wearing his socks while investigating inside the house? The property owners told Chad and I we couldn’t wear shoes in the house. The day before my investigation, after Chad had already done his, they changed their minds and I was allowed to wear my shoes.
  • The slave quarters: Chad and I both did pretty extensive investigations in the former slave quarters. None of this was shown. Also we investigated the barn together during the day and at night separately, none of that was shown.
  • Evidence: For some reason, the choice of the network, there was some weird data collected that didn’t make it to air. One was an EVP that Chad picked up on his voice recorder that sounded like drums and chanting, and one which was an EVP picked up not on Chad’s voice recorder but on the static camera placed outside near the native American burial mound. Chad was doing an EVP session and didn’t get a response, when we looked that the footage from the static camera in the morning he did get a response but only on the microphone from the camera.
  • Animals: One of the scariest moments filming this episode was my investigation outside near the slave cemetery. I kept hearing something walk toward me from the darkness. I couldn’t see it even in my IR camera’s screen. Then, WOOF! a dog had some how snuck up on me and was about 7 feet away in some grass and barked. Seriously I lost my mind. Whew, just a dog;  I’m glad it wasn’t a bear or coyote. haha
  • Fighting for the poke: Although I seem to be pretty provoking of Big Tim in this episode the much larger dialogue I was having in the house never made it to the episode. I was trying in a variety of ways to connect with Big Tim and Little Tim by explaining my personal history with my own father. Growing up my father was Big John and I was Little John and my father was a heavy drinker. Our relationship was strained and explosive. I tried to use that as a means to personally connect with the energies in the house. You only hear portions of me talking about this and it is edited to sound like I’m trying to provoke, which I am, but not so much in the manner it was shown. When it comes to the poke on my stomach I told Chad the next morning, which is not shown in the episode, that I think I probably manifested the abrasions on myself. Much like stress acne, or rashes can be created by intense psychological factors I think it is very probable that my thoughts and emotions created the redness on my stomach. Indeed the redness, and what looked like pokes and cuts, completely vanished within 24 hours. When the episode was being edited I was told that the pokes and abrasions were not going to be used in the episode. That the network thought it seemed fake to have me constantly being poked and scratched. I, with the help of another editor, fought to show it. It happened so show it, it’s not fake, so show it. Eventually I won and you saw it.
  • Safety: There is actually a good deal of footage, somewhere, which shows Chad and I discussing how we keep ourselves psychologically and spiritually grounded. Chad talks about the protective stones he wears around his neck and his personal rituals for staying balanced. I tell stories about my necklace and the objects I carry with me to make me feel comfortable. We also discuss what we do after investigations to make sure we leave anything “bad” behind. I thought it was super interesting but obviously someone at the network did not and needed to hear “portals” said some more. HA!
  • Talking: By now you should all know there is a great amount of me explaining things and discussing ideas with Chad that no one ever hears.
  • Lack of Evidence: Although there are some interesting bits here and there throughout the show, my “poke” etc., there is actually not too much evidence in this episode which I actually love.  Most investigations only produce a small amount of data. In this episode you get to see that aspect. Of course you hear strange footsteps and some odd interactions with whatever, but just like most investigations of locations there is not a lot of supporting evidence. I was really happy that this comes through in the episode. Not every location will perform on command and audiences need to see that.

Funny story maybe:

On our way to Wheatlands the forecast was heavy rain. I jokingly told the crew I would talk to someone in the “secret government weather control center” and have them hold off on the rain; we all had a good laugh. Nick Groff then said, “When you call them tell them “no rain but lightning.”  Again we all laughed and I pretended to make a phone call. Then it didn’t rain and we had lightning. No one laughed. hahaha

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  1. Corinne

    I did notice Chad was in his socks. I thought of how we spiritually mesh with the Earth more when our feet are not covered in leather and rubber. It made me wonder if he had more reactions due to this. Thank you for your thoughts and summary of this interesting episode!

  2. Jody

    Thanks for all of the behind the scenes info. I wish they would show more of the dynamic between you and Chad together. I was very impressed that Chad was not as jumpy this episode. I think he’s feeling and taking it all in rather than reacting. This was pivotal for him. Also, I think you’re a very good partner for him to have and vice versa. Keep up the great work!

  3. Maureen

    I’m just catching up since I was out of town and unable to watch live… But I’m upset that on your “drive” to Wheatlands, Chad is wearing his seat belt and you are not! (Ok your lap belt is on but tsk tsk John!!)


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