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Over the past twenty-odd years I have amassed a great deal of information on certain phenomena and cases involving the mysterious. I have never been one to “hoard” information since I believe that only when we come together in good faith will our research begin to scratch the surface of what is commonly thought to be “unknowable”

The Kinross Incident

Only recently have I got around to scanning and archiving these pages. I am making them available to the public to increase knowledge about this event and to honor the memory of those that were lost on the day in November. I will continue to scan and upload files until all 200+ pages are archived here.
I will also include all of the reports and newspaper accounts in my files.
Medical Reports & TestimonyClick here to download the pdf – 6MB – 51 Files
Search Reports & FindingsClick here to download the pdf – 12MB – 33 Files
Technical Reports/ Casualty ReportClick here to download the pdf – 5MB – 33 Files

Royal Oak Blue Book File

Click here to download the pdf – 4.5MB – 5 Files