Michigan Dogman of 1978

Reports of man-like dog creatures have become somewhat popular over the last few decades with dozens of books and articles being published just within the last 10 years. Many of the modern legends are easily traceable to the now well-known stories of alleged Dogmen in Wisconsin and northern Michigan. From Canada to Mexico aboriginal tribes and first nations people have tales and legends which are rich with appearances of wolves/coyotes and their ability to be human-like.

In Michigan we speak about the “Dogman” always mentioning the April Fool’s Day song played on a northern Michigan radio station in 1987 which many believe kicked up the notion of the creature. But long before the song there were accounts of a canine-like animal with a human-like scream in Wexford Michigan and other parts of the lower Peninsula. One of these accounts falls onto the shoulders of the Booker twins who came from near Lake Isabella in Michigan.

1978 Dogman Incident

In the spring of 1979 these two siblings were out camping when they heard a growling from off in the distance. Thinking that they were perhaps being followed by a bear or wild dog they climbed a tree and waited to see what would happen. To their amazement they said they saw what appeared to be an upright walking dog.

They described the creature as, “About 6 feet tall and about 200 pounds. Short arms with paws. Long thin neck set onĀ  boney shoulders. Brown and Red hair covering most of the body…it was short hair like fur. It had long pointed ears on top of the head which moved around and it didn’t have a tail

The creature moved away into the forest and the twins ran back to their home. Although they called the police they were told to, “not bother the police officers with crazy stories”.


Samantha Booker’s sketch of the Dogman she and her brother saw in Michigan.

Samantha Booker wrote up an account of her story in her diary and forgot about it for many years. After hearing a story on the news, some thirty years later, she remembered the occurrence, found her diary and was surprised to find she had also sketched the creature.

One more story for intrepid Dogman hunters.



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