The Devil Digs Vinyl

Devil Digs Vinyl - Anton LeVay

satanicOkay so let’s get something straight, LeVay’s Church of Satan was a hangout for nerds and eventually Hollywood weirdos.

Dig those Satany beats!

This goofy piece of Americana is brought to you by the high-priest, low-budget film star Anton LaVey.
Anton (Howard Stanton Levey) started off doing paranormal research, but before anyone knew it…he was the head of The Church of Satan…which means he got to hang out with Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra.

Seriously Sammy  hung out at the Church of Satan, though it was probably more about the chicks than it was about the pitchforks and eternal burning damnation.

Sammy Davis Jr. and The DevilHave fun with this one!
The Satanic Mass, LP
(Murgenstrumm Records, 1968; re-released on CD with one bonus track, “Hymn of the Satanic Empire, or The Battle Hymn of the Apocalypse”)

The Satanic Mass : 46.5 MB

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