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    File #733 – U.F.O. (1966)

    In 1966 Producer/Narrator Jack Jenkins released “File #733 UFO”. The record documents encounters with UFO occupants, cults and the United States Air Forces’ response to the phenomena. From the Back Record Cover “This unique recording offers the listener the actual first hand stories of those involved…as told in their own voices. It is a revelation to the uninitiated. Substantiation to the believing buff, and excitingly new information to the skeptic.” – Nick Lacy, “Week End West” A.B.C. Radio What is a U.F.O.? “If you’re looking for a simple answer to this question, you won’t find it in this album. Instead you will hear eye-witnesses claim the UFO’s they’ve seen to…

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    Can’t We All Just Take A Ride?

    For whatever reasons conversations of UFOs has once again reached a fevered pitch. This has happened many times over the last 70+ years but since many people alive right now aren’t 70+ years old it seems that they are unaware of the cyclical nature of the phenomena. No matter, here we are again Over the last few decades one thing that has not changed in these conversations are the arguments over who is “right” and who is “wrong” in regards to how the UFO phenomena is going to evolve. Will aliens be revealed as true?Does the government know about UFOs?How long has the “truth” about UFOs been kept from the…

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    Flying Saucers are real… again

    I’ll try not to be too long-winded about this. I’ll save the in-depth, speculation and exchange for face-to-face encounters so you’ve been warned. I will discuss this with you… should we meet and you ask. Here’s the briefest of recaps just to catch you up. On Saturday, December 16th The New York Times revealed that the United States government had, until very recently, been investigating unidentified aerial phenomena. Along with this admission there was also the release of footage, which is said to be, of an unknown craft taken by members of the U.S. Military. There is a growing cast of characters involved including a former Senator, a well-known musician…

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    The Traverse City Police & The UFO

    Back in 1999 I got an email from a man in Traverse City, Michigan who wanted to know if I had heard about the police chasing a UFO. I hadn’t heard anything so I told him I’d try and find out. The Short version of the short version. To make a long story short, I’ll tell you over dinner sometime, I gained possession of the dispatch recording from that night and sure enough someone was seeing something. Now you can listen to the police officer’s amazement at the object, listen to other police officers and dispatchers make jokes like “We come in Peace” and “Someone call Art Bell”. The entire…