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    The Glow-in-the-dark Werewolf… maybe

    The cold December nights of 1913 seem filled with a strange creature which only served to chill the blood of citizens in the Bronx more than usual. Some newspaper accounts labelled the creature a “Werewolf” and parents were told, by police, to keep a watchful eye on their children. As if a werewolf roaming the Bronx wasn’t odd enough this creature added a new supernatural spin to the old legends, it glowed. The Tail Tale Witnesses of the beast described it as having glowing and “gleaming, pale eyes” and some even said that the creature’s jaws shot fire and emitted “sparks” as it snapped its teeth. The “werewolf” attacks also…

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    Big Toe and The Whatzit

    Every state seems to have its mysterious creatures but where most people only know the “big” names in the cryptid world, (Mothman, Bigfoot, Jersey Devil, etc.), there are also local legends and lore that the residents seem to keep to themselves. Michigan has had its share of Bigfoot sightings, some say we even have a Dogman and a devilish little red imp but most people have never heard of two of the strangest creatures which may inhabit the Great Lakes, I’m talking about The Whatzit and Big Toe. Welcome The Whatzit In the late 1950’s in a suburb of Detroit the first sightings of The Whatzit were made. Residents of…