Book Rental Agreement Contract

You agree that we have the right to use e-mails to communicate with you in order to manage this agreement. This agreement cannot be transferred or transferred by the customer. We reserve the right to cede this agreement at our discretion. We rely on the know-how of our shipping suppliers, USPS, UPS and FedEx are to bring you your books on time. Rare problems, such as weather delays, land routes or transit system delays, could affect delivery. If there is a problem, we will work to resolve the delivery issue or send you a free replacement manual. For more information on how to get help in the event of delivery problems, visit our customer service page. Rented Materials is owned and will remain owned by Thompson Rivers University Bookstore during the rental period. The rental book must be returned to the Thompson Rivers University bookstore. Please read our terms of use for important information regarding the limits of our liability to you, our disclaimer, our reciprocal dispute settlement agreement and your obligations to compensate us. If you rent rental equipment, your credit card will be charged if your order is satisfied. In addition, to rent rental equipment, you must always have a valid credit card with us. If your credit card expires during the term of the rental, it is your responsibility to contact the bookstore and register the new expiry date.

We work very hard to resolve any performance gaps. Finally, our goal is to keep you as a happy customer and continue to rent you textbooks throughout your academic career. We and our owners reserve the right to cancel or refuse an order resulting from a price error resulting from typographical errors, miscommunication with our partners or other incorrect information. In the event that your relative concludes the purchase for you with their credit card information by entering into this lease, you both enter into the contract. Thompson Rivers University is not responsible for reminding you of your return date. All notifications are polite. You are responsible for respecting the rental return data. You agree and acknowledge that a rental booklet that was returned 1 day after the rental delivery date is considered unreported and that a non-refundable fee is charged. The terms of rent reimbursement are consistent with our refund policy for the purchase of books: rental materials must be returned to the campus bookstore from which they were originally leased on the lease date to Thompson Rivers University Bookstore Standard Condition, which we designated at the time of the rental.