Bayonne Bound Bus Bumps Boo

The (very)old jokes goes,
“There is always one weirdo on a bus, so if you get on a bus and don’t see one, the weirdo is you.”
Well in the Spring of 1922 riders on a bus traveling from Jersey City to Bayonne really knew who the weirdo was.

A bump in the night

Bayonne GhostAround 3 o’clock in the morning a bus full of people were shocked when they literally ran into a ghost. Bus driver Charlie Scara was shocked to see a figure jump out from behind a bush, by the side of the road, and right in front of his bus. “We bumped right into it-only we didn’t” said Scara. He continued his recollection by stating, “It was like bumping into a puff of smoke”.

The driver and his ten passengers screamed thinking they had hit someone but the strange figure appeared on the other side of the road and sailed away. The bus stopped and the passengers got out to chase the phantom. Night police officer Joe Murray told the passengers to return to the bus while he took to chasing the “ghost”.

Officer Murray described the ghost as 5 feet 8 inches tall and after chasing the figure into the nearby woods, he reached out to grab it and the “thing” vanished into mid-air. The driver and police officer set their minds to organizing a posse in the hopes of catching the ghost but there was no guarantee that it would appear again.

*Personal sidenote, I love when ghosts run away from people.

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