Attacked! The Demon of Judgement!

Attacked! The Demon of Judgement.A little story

Many years ago, upon my first visit to a client’s home and within moments of entering, I felt a strange, even disturbing presence. There was a screaming that can only be described as horrific. Everyone heard the sound. Try as we might, we could not stop the almost inhuman wailing. It continued throughout the course of my interview with the clients and at many times interrupted our conversation due to an increase in volume and intensity. At one point I was scratched across my arm to the point of needing antiseptic and bandages immediately. While I was in the bathroom cleaning the newly received wound, one of the clients was violently kicked while the other had to dodge a small vase of flowers that was thrown from across the kitchen and into the living room.

Still the interview continued.

The table at which we were sitting began to shake until all of our cups of coffee were spilled. One of the saucers shattered when it fell from the table and onto the floor.

The interview continued.

The screaming began again, at which time blankets and pillows that had been lying on the couch were tossed from one side of the room to the other. In the kitchen, the cupboards were opened and slammed shut. Pots and pans flew from the kitchen down the hallway until one particularly large pan smashed through the glass window of the back screen door.

It was at this point, seeing the exasperation of the clients, that I excused myself for the night and made my way home.

Throughout the entire drive home I couldn’t help but wonder how I would deal with the situation had that home been mine, and how I would act if I had children with such “bratty” dispositions.

Yes, you read that correctly. It was their children… their living breathing children who were causing all of the disruptions.

Judging the unknown

Over the years I have been kicked, punched, bitten, had objects thrown at me, been told to “go die” and “I hate you” by children. Most people have.

None of those children were evil.

None of those children were “demons.”

Most of the time those children, for whatever reason, were scared, frustrated, confused, lonely, desperate for attention or just badly behaved. Sometimes they were just being kids. When it is difficult to communicate all measures are sometimes taken. If no one was paying attention to you for 20 minutes, an hour, a year, fifty years…how would you react? You might scream, shout or throw something.

How do you know a “ghost” is evil? Or that something is “demonic”?
Is it because of what is happening, or is it because of what you think is happening?

In our daily interactions with other human beings we can easily mistake frustration with anger or sadness with hate, and that happens with people with whom we can easily communicate, people we can see, people who can tell us what is really going on in their lives.

As of right now, we do not have that ability with those who have “passed on.”
So before we jump onto the bandwagon of fear and join in the circus of the demonic, we should take the time to realize we really don’t know what is happening and we shouldn’t be so quick to judge others, even if they are unseen.


  1. Michaellyn Ragan

    Some people are just so quick to judge other people. That’s just sad and pathetic.

  2. Sherry Allison

    Great story. I completely agree with you. I have been eagerly waiting and watching for your Elf encounter/photo. Have I missed it some how?


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