Anti-Static Combs: Electric Boogaloo

Electric Boogaloo

Every now and again I am contacted by individuals who believe they are not only affected by electromagnetic fields but can personal effect electronics and electromagnetic fields. Mostly this comes in the form of turning streetlights on and off while passing near or under them. This phenomena is known throughout the paranormal community as Street Light Interference and the people who have this power are known as SLIders. Different people across the years have tried to test the SLIder effect, Dr. Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertford actually created what he called The Mind Machine which was set up in locations around England to test the effect. Unfortunately, the SLIder effect, if there is one, seems to happen randomly, even to those who “know” they can influence electronics, so testing the ability is problematic.


As a researcher of all things strange I try and keep my eyes and ears open for any rumblings of weirdness which may be falling through the cracks. One interest of mine, including SLIder phenomena, is well-known public personalities and their beliefs of the paranormal. Lady Gaga thinks she is haunted, the house for American Idol which was allegedly haunted, the list goes on and on. The one that has captured my interest most recently has been bubbling beneath the surface for many years and now has come around again and in such fashion that I felt the need to write this little article. It has to do with SLIder phenomena and Sean Combs…Puff Daddy, Diddy or whatever he is calling himself this week.


The year was 2008 and I was talking to a sound engineer friend of mine who was then working on  the television show CSI-Miami. In the midst of our conversation he mentioned that there were some difficulties on set with the audio equipment and some of the lights, he offhandedly mentioned that the crew were blaming Sean Combs, who was guest starring on that week’s episode. It seemed to them that the equipment only failed when he was around. My friend called him a “jinx”. I thought nothing more about our conversation until 2 years later.


In 2010 a different friend of mine was working lights on American Idol when it was announced to the staff that Diddy would be performing on the show. One of Diddy’s people took a few minutes to point out that most of the electronics should be kept away from Mr. Combs as he had a tendency to interfere with them. My friend called me a few days later and told me that Diddy did seem to be messing up some of the monitors as well as smaller electronics, including his microphone. I laughed it off, recounted the story about Diddy on CSI and chalked it up to Diddy’s over work and self-absorption. This brings us to today.


Yesterday I listened to a podcast called “Who Charted” on the Earwolf Podcast Network. The guest on the show was comedian Chris Gethard. At about 18 minutes into the interview Mr. Gethard, who performed stand-up with Puff Daddy, starts to recount the night that Daddy’s “people” informed him, and others at the venue, that the electronics at the theater might not work properly due to Puff Daddy’s influence. You can listen to the interview here.


Whether or not people can influence electronics is, for the most part, still unprovable, seemingly untestable, and mostly a subject to ruminate on later in the evenings while discussing UFOs and ghosts; but to me it is starting to seem that perhaps Puff Daddy could be the subject paranormal researchers need to test and perhaps prove that SLIder effect is real.


“What they thought they assassinated was only a clone

We about to venture off into the unknown” -Sean John Combs


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