The Aliensicle: A Quick Look Back

Dr. Reed's Aliensicle

As Twitter and Facebook are now constantly flooded with UFO, extraterrestrial encounters, Disclosure, and mostly fake YouTube videos of alien spacecraft let’s all take a moment and remember one of the many other times people were excited for the “final” proof of extra-terrestrial life. And of course let’s not forget we get to use phrases like “Aliensicle” and “Alien Burrito” which make the story way more fun to tell.

It all started with a phone call to Coast to Coast, hosted by Art Bell, back in November of 1998. The caller gave his name as Dr. Jonathan Reed. Dr. Reed described his encounter with an alien space craft as well as the inhabitant of the vehicle. The incident, he said, had occurred two years earlier in a forest in Washington state and Reed claimed not only had the alien killed his pet dog but that he, Reed, had subsequently killed the alien!

The Aliensicle / Alien Burrito

Not only had Dr. Reed killed the alien but he had wrapped it up and stored the creature in his freezer! The photos of the alien wrapped in a foil blanket came to be known as The Aliensicle or in many cases The Alien Burrito. All wrapped up and full of mystery Ufologists waited for the deep investigation and final reveal of extraterrestrial life… but soon found out they would have to continue to wait.

Being in possession of an alien body is no small feat and thankfully Reed had photographed the body because soon the creature which hadn’t actually been killed would vanish! After being frozen it had thawed, woken up and disappeared. After that Reed said that secret government groups were trying to kill him and he had to go into hiding. Also, we were told by Reed, that a large cabal of secret agents wiped Dr. Reed’s identity from existence.

Of course none of it was true. Who would have believed it?
Lots of people believed it.

Dr. Reed was actually Jonathan Rutter; a man with a love of Coast to Coast, a vivid imagination, no doctoral degrees and unfortunately no real frozen alien photos.

Please take note when “Dr. Reed” first came onto the scene he had photographs and negatives of not only the alien but the alien spacecraft. These slides, we were told at the time, had been looked at by professionals at the Kodak company, and had in “no way” been tampered with. Art Bell even said his own analysts had inspected the photos and said they were real! Of course, they were not real.

The Aliensicle Melts away

Dozens of investigators were duped into Rutter’s story. Jamie Maussan, (who promoted the newest and fakest Roswell slides), took Rutter to Mexico to show off the frozen alien photos, as well as the “alien teleportation bracelet”… did I not mention the alien teleportation bracelet? Ugh.

Teleportation braceletYes, even after being exposed as a hoax and a fraud Reed/Rutter continued to claim he was in touch with alien beings who had even even him a highly advanced braclet which allowed him to teleport.

If you want an in-depth report on who Dr. Reed, Jonanthan Rutter, etc. is and the entire case I suggest you head over to UFO WatchDog.

Like many UFO/Alien tales the story was fun at the time, but eventually it became less fun, more stupid and ended up making a lot of people look like morons.


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  1. lin

    OMG I remember that! I seem to recall his landlord was in on it somehow. Good times.


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