A little book with big implications. One Last Thing.

Over 25 years ago I started experimenting with the process people now commonly call E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomena).  As the general public became more and more interested with the practice  I became more and more frustrated with the way it was being portrayed in the larger venues of popular media. Every researcher who revealed evidence to a client would show up with small, unintelligible bursts of sound claiming that it was some kind of spirit-voice. I won’t even go into the nonsense of how long certain people would spend manipulating the original recordings with audio programs to squeeze a voice out of where there was none.

It was frustrating to me because in my home, upstairs in my file cabinets, were easily understood, clear, responsive anomalous voices. They seemed to answer my questions, sometimes cryptically, with no manipulation to the original recordings other than increasing the volume, or speed, slightly. Since theses “voices” were conversing with me they were also providing me with ideas and concepts of what a spirit world or an after-life dimension might be like.

I have played some of these recordings at the lectures I’ve given over the past 20 years but finally I chose to put them in a book. Now let me explain something about the book.

The book is short. It’s about 50 pages which contains far less that 10,000 words including the introduction.
“Why is the book so short?” You ask.
It is short because good quality E.V.P. samples are hard to come across. It took me over 20 years to collect the samples in this book. Now, I know some people go on “ghost hunts” and come back with dozens of E.V.P. samples but the reality of the situation is that most of them are unusable garbage. I don’t mean to be harsh…wait… yes I do. In a community of people who over-hype themselves and their evidence, where the “professionals,” who are only recognized as such because they are on television, will blatantly lie to you and falsify their “data”… I do actually mean to be harsh. This book is short because collecting good evidence is hard and it takes a long time. It’s short because I don’t want to waste your precious time with nonsense. It’s short because the ideas and concepts that are presented by the “ghostly speakers” in the book hold enormous potential ramifications if they are actual voices from beyond and if what they are saying has some truth.

I don’t care if you buy. I just wanted you to know that it’s out there. I think it’s an important book. It’s important for me… it took most of my adult life to collect.
Here is a link to the Amazon site if you’re interested.

I just wrote a couple of paragraphs about the greed and corruption of the paranormal community but thought better of posting it.

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  1. Brian Sullivan

    I just placed my order for this, and I did it for two reasons. First, because you stuff is certifiably awesome, and that’s a fact. Second, and perhaps more importantly, I wanted to show my support and gratitude to you for daring to take a stand against the status quo of asinine para-entertainment that has besmirched this field of study. Yours is seemingly a single voice in the wilderness, and it bolsters your credibility a hundred-fold. Well done, Sir. Well done indeed. 🙂

  2. Steve Rogers

    I will be placing my order this weekend John. I am very excited to read about the evidence you have collected during your time as a paranormal investigator. You are one of the most knowledgeable people in the paranormal community today!

  3. John Collins

    I am looking forward to reading John’s book. I am sure it will be an interesting read even as he is an interesting conversationalist. Congrats on the book John!

  4. Jasmin

    Will be placing my order right after I click “submit comment” I’m glad this book exists.

  5. rainey

    Hey there John. I’m enjoying your website very much. I am an explorer of the unseen worlds myself, and I find myself agreeing with every opinion I’ve read of yours thus far. And the excerpts from your book on Amazon are awesome, so entertaining, so full of piquant consciousness! I was wondering: what are the chances of a CD or MP3 we could purchase from you which would allow us to listen to these EVPs? I know I gain insight from the very sound of things.
    Thanks for being so cool!


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