5 ideas for new paranormal reality shows.

As the networks run out of ideas on how to make people wandering around in the dark interesting I have five new variations on the paranormal theme. How many more can you think of?

5. Lil’ S.C.R.E.A.M.E.R.S
Follow the adventures of Supernatural Coalition Researching Eerie Anomalous Matters Everyday Really Seriously as they run around in the dark, scream and run away from the things they don’t understand. This dark gritty reality show takes viewers inside the real world of children who are basically just afraid of the dark. No one on the team is over the age of eight.

4. The House
In an effort to document the strange phenomena occurring on one of America’s most haunted houses a camera will be set up in the living room to broadcast 24 hours a day for 2 years. Viewers are invited to spend hours of their lives staring at the live-feed in the hopes that something will happen. Will it happen? What will happen? Watch and wait and watch…and wait.

3. Paranormal Beach
All of the best looking paranormal investigators in the country descend on one of the world’s most exotic beaches to exchange the information they’ve uncovered… while uncovering each other. Night-Vision has never before revealed images so startling…and sexy.

2. ParaPets
Every week viewers will watch clips of dogs, cats, birds and other pets freaking out at what might be paranormal phenomena but in many cases will be fireworks and loud trucks.

1. X-Treme Ghost Fighting
It looks like only one person is in the ring but wait for the battles to begin! No really, it’s mostly just one guy in a ring yelling at nothing and swinging his arms around, but maybe something will eventually happen!


  1. Brian Sullivan

    ALL OF THESE are legit and any one of them would be a massive improvement over the current para-programming that infests the airwaves.

  2. Brian Sullivan

    How about this:

    EXORCISM NOW! Plagued by demonic orbs? Kids “acting out” because of that Milton Bradley Ouija board that’s been sitting in the closet for months? Every Sunday night we introduce the viewing audience to a licensed exorcist who will blast those demons with a serious dose of the Holy Ghost from the studio straight through the cathode ray tube and into your living room! Demons begone, as well as that 90 minutes you could have been spending dusting or spending quality time with your children.

  3. Denise Mendenhall

    As always, your take on the paranormal, the weird and the strange is something to look forward to reading or seeing, John!
    Keep up the great work! I love it!
    Denise Mendenhall
    Paranormal Researchers of Iowa


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