5 Myths People Tend to Believe about Paranormal Research…

5 Myths People Tend to Believe about Paranormal Research… because of Television and Movies

5. Demons are everywhere.
Over the past 10 years, demons must have been working overtime. It seems like everyone everywhere is either being attacked by a demonic force or is possessed by one. Talking to researchers, priests and historians, it seems that cases of what many people believe to be “demonic” energies or beings is actually very uncommon. Although the Vatican itself will not acknowledge an actual number of cases that they become involved with, by researching where and when they will confirm priests to perform exorcisms we find that perhaps the number might be somewhere between 10 and 20 cases a year world-wide. Now, remember the Vatican has unlimited funds and time to investigate cases and yet they find throughout the world only 10 to 20 cases a year that need intervention. So why does every ghost hunting team find a demon? Why are exorcisms and deliverances being performed almost nightly on paranormal reality television shows? Mostly because people don’t truly understand what is actually involved during an alleged demonic possession or when a supposedly demonic force is manifesting itself. As a side note, most people who call themselves “demonologists” don’t even understand what that word traditionally means (see this post) Sorry, but it’s true.

4. EVP is a relatively new process.
Experimenting with Direct Voice, Electronic Voice Phenomena and other forms of I.T.C. has been around for as long as the technology to perform it has been around. Pioneers, like Jungerson, started honing their skills and research methodologies close to 70 years ago. Even equipment like the “ghost box” has its origins with inventors like Thomas Edison. It’s not a new process and unfortunately many researchers are unaware of the decades worth of documentation, data and evidence on how and why the process is supposed to work. Here’s a tip: Long ago, EVP researchers determined that if you can only hear an understandable voice because of manipulation to the recording, then the evidence is no good, so try again.

3. Screaming at a ghost is a great way to get a response.
In my last post, “Come at me ghost,” I looked at ways that “provoking” probably isn’t a wonderful form of investigating. Put as plainly as possible, when someone I know, who is alive, starts yelling at me I’m pretty likely to not respond.

2. Psychics/Mediums are needed to investigate.
Throughout the past 20 years I have utilized persons who regard themselves as “psychic” or “mediumistic” to act as additional tools during research. Unfortunately, psychic power is part of the paranormal phenomena which we as researchers are supposed to be investigating. Using paranormal phenomena to explain paranormal phenomena is like getting lost in the forest and then asking yourself for directions out of the forest. Again, I have no problem asking someone if they can confirm or deny information, but then I will have to confirm or deny what they are telling me. Then I will have to study the psychic to figure out how they have received that information. Psychics/Mediums, in my opinion, should be treated as a piece of equipment to further your research, but only after all accepted/traditional forms of research and investigation are exhausted.

1. Investigation happens at night.
Ghosts probably don’t wear watches. It’s more than likely that if there is a spirit realm, time does not exist in a way that we, the living, understand. Television producers know that humans have an inherent fear of the dark, so most of the time research and investigation is shown taking place only or mostly at night. In all honesty most of the “research” that should be taking place can only happen during the day because places like libraries and court houses are only open during the day. Also, interviewing people usually has to take place during daylight hours, since most people are usually asleep at night. On-site investigations should take place during all times of the day to allow the researcher to see when the activity in a location is most energetic… plus during the day you don’t have to stumble around a dark unfamiliar house… and bang your shins, because that really hurts.

Arrrgh! Aaahhh! Yeaaaa! Come at me ghost!

Arrrgh! Aaahhh! Yeaaaa! Come at me ghost!
3 reasons “Provoking” might not be so great.

Over the last two or three years the big fad in ghost hunting, not research, is the process commonly being called “provocation.” Hundreds of ghost hunters and dozens of groups proclaim “provoking” as one of the best ways to get some kind of response from residents of the after-realm. Since our shared field of interest is speculative in nature, I shall speculate on three ways that “provoking” might NOT be the best way to “hunt” ghosts.

1. No ears.
If you believe in ghosts you probably believe that they do not have a physical body such as our own. If that is true and ghosts (entities, spirits, etc.) are not corporeal, then they do not have ears as we do. Without ears, the process that makes living people hear sound as uttered by lips while air is pushed out of lungs and through the throat creating vibrations which are received by the ear translated into sound and then deciphered by the brain as words is not the process by which a ghost would hear us. No ears, no sound. But they seem to be “hearing,” so there may be some other process taking place. If they are not hearing our words, perhaps they are only receiving the impression of our words as we speak them through some sort of psychical means that we are currently unaware of. In the case of “ghosts” picking up our thoughts, not our actual words, then why would it matter if we were screaming them or whispering them? On many occasions over the last 20+ years I have conducted ITC experiments where I simply thought my questions without any verbalization at all, yet I have still received replies.

2. Provoking is rude.
That’s right, rude. Although “ghost hunters” like to think that they know who or what spirits they are trying to communicate with, we have no proof as to who or what the spirits really are. So standing in a room shouting and being mean to someone you don’t even know is simply rude. Grow up and stop bullying, we’re trying to do research here.

3. Leftovers.
Another theory of “ghost hunters” is that some sort of energy generated by strong personalities or traumatic events can be leftover after a person dies. Well, following that train of thought we find that the energy could be leftover by anyone in a strong emotional state – even “ghost hunters.” What if a group of people goes to an allegedly haunted location and two or three of them get themselves worked up and start “provoking”? Can we be sure that after those “ghost hunters” leave, they haven’t left some of that energy behind? So the next weekend when someone goes to that same location and they start to “feel” a presence, it could possibly be the energy leftover from the people that were there last week. Imagine a place like Waverly Hills that has been filled with people screaming, running, yelling, laughing all the time. Do you think none of that energy has been left behind?

I’ve tried “provoking” myself and have been unimpressed with the results. The only thing I’ve ever seen “provoking” actually do is increase a television show’s ratings… and raise my blood pressure.

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