Freedom of Information for information

Throughout the decades I have filed hundreds of FOIA requests, some of the them have led to exciting and beneficial information, some have been denied or are still being processed, I have five that have taken over ten years to be processed with no end still in sight. Even with the changes mandated for FOIA, through the passing of The Patriot Act, one of the biggest downfalls a researcher can have when submitting a request to the government is an incompletely written request. Most government agencies expect the general public to NOT know what words to use and they count on us to ask in an incorrect manner for information so they can deny our requests.  A poorly written FOIA request such as, “Please send me all documents on UFOs” or “Send me stuff about the Philadelphia Experiment” will quickly be tossed in a trash bin and also tie up the system for people who have submitted requests after you. Below you will find an example of a FOIA request that has worked for me for years. Please feel free to copy and paste it, use it in your next FOIA request, it works for me and hopefully it will work for you.

This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act.
I request a complete and thorough search of all filing systems and locations for all records maintained by your agency pertaining to and/or captioned ____________, including and, without limitation, files and documents captioned in, or whose captions include _________________.

This request specifically includes where appropriate “main” files and “see references,” including but not limited to numbered and lettered subfiles, 1A envelopes, enclosures behind files (EBFs), bulky Exhibits, “JUNE” files and control files. I also request a search of the Electronic Surveillance (ELSUR) Index, or any similar technique for locating records of electronic surveillance and the COINTELPRO index. I request that all records be produced with the administrative markings and all reports to include administrative pages. I wish to be sent copies of “see reference” cards, abstracts, search slips, including search slips used to process this request, file covers, multiple copies of the same documents if they appear in a file, tapes of any electronic surveillance, photographs, and logs of physical surveillance (FISUR). Please search, “DO NOT FILE” files, SAC safes, special file rooms, and offices of officials. I request copies of all pages regardless of the extent of excising, even if all that remains are the stationary headings or administrative markings.

In order to help to determine my status to assess fees, you should know that I am a representative of the news media/press and this request is made as part of news gathering and not for commercial use.

The maximum dollar amount I am willing to pay for this request _____ Please notify me if the fees will exceed ____ or the maximum dollar amount I entered.

I request a waiver of all fees for this request. Disclosure of the requested information to me is in the public interest because it is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the operations or activities of the government and is not primarily in my commercial interest.

Additional information:
Please place missing documents on “special locate” and advise me that you have done this.

I wish to make it clear that I want all records in your office “identifiable with my request,” even though reports on those records have been sent to headquarters and even though there may be duplication between the two sets of files. I do not want just “interim” documents. I want all documents as they appear in the “main” files and “see references” of all units of your agency

If documents are denied, in whole or in part, please specify which exemption(s) is (are) claimed for each document denied. Give the number of pages in each document and the total number of pages pertaining to this request and the dates of the documents withheld. I request that excised material be “blacked out” rather than “whited out” or cut-out and that the remaining non-exempt portions of the documents be released as provided under the Freedom of Information Act. Please send a memo (with a copy or copies to me) to the appropriate unit(s) in your office to assure that no records related to this request are destroyed. Please advise of any destruction of records and include the date and authority for such destruction. As I expect to appeal any denials, please specify the office and address to which an appeal should be directed.

I can be reached at the phone number listed on the letterhead. Please call rather than write if there are any questions of it you need additional information from me. I expect a response to this request within the mandated time as provided in the Freedom of Information Act.

Respectfully yours,

Good Luck!

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5 reasons why paranormal research is probably not taken seriously by the scientific community.

Paranormal/Psychical research has never been fully embraced by the accepted scientific community and although many of the people involved in the investigation of supernatural phenomena endlessly discuss the wanting to be taken seriously here are some reasons why I believe this field continues to be regarded by many people as a joke.

5. Merchandise. Sometimes… after years of studying in their field of speciality a scientist will become very well recognized like Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene and Neil deGrasse Tyson and because of of their increased exposure they MIGHT have a t-shirt with their face or their slogan on it. They will probably have books they can sell and maybe… maybe, some other kind of trinket but that is about it. For paranormal researchers one of the first things an up-and-coming team of researchers does is throw their logo on everything from t-shirts to key-chains to shot glasses. There is something fundamentally wrong when an investigator/team has more t-shirt and baseball hat designs than years of research. Merchandising of course gives people a chance to support you or your team but when the majority of your time is spent selling things to people it can generate feelings of an environment of greed.

4. Attire. There is no reason a “professional” researcher/investigator should ever show up to a client’s house looking like they just came from either a rock concert or a theme park. There is nothing wrong with dressing comfortably but, usually, when you want to present yourself as a knowledgeable, serious professional you try and look like one. Sure, sometimes scientists “look crazy” (like Einstein and his hair), but think about it this way, because scientists so-commonly dress professionally, including Einstein, 50 years later we still have to use Einstein’s hair as an example of a crazy looking scientist.

3. Outragous Claims. “Best Evidence of a ghost” and it’s crappy, grainy footage of some fog. “Proof of the afterlife caught on video” and it’s some dusty orbs floating around a dusty basement. “Real Demon Attack!” and it’s an 8-year-old having a temper tantrum. All of these pieces of “data” and others like them damage the reputation of the entire field. The paranormal community at-large has forgotten that our field of research is speculative and in doing so has forgotten how to use words like “allegedly” “perhaps” “maybe” and “could”. Using these words when posting a video-clip or photo may not make it as shocking, it may not get you as many viewers, but the point of our research isn’t to be shocking, it’s to help find answers…which leads us to #2.

2. Peer Review. Paranormal researchers so badly want to be the individual or team that “figures it all out” they tend to hoard their data. One of the most critical aspects of scientific research aside from being able to reproduce data is having your data reviewed by a large body of your peers. Before any data is posted it should have passed through countless hands and investigated by as many people as possible. All too often groups will post enhanced photos, video and audio data but will refuse to give our the raw original material. This is key, and when the paranormal community acts like a spoiled child then the accepted scientific community will continue to treat us like spoiled children.

1. Scariness. The paranormal community must, if it is willing to survive and flourish, start to re-brand paranormal phenomena in a serious manner and break away from the shock and fright mentality. Plain and simple, paranormal phenomena is not scary, at least not any scarier than working next to a particle accelerator or diving 3 miles down to the bottom of the ocean in a tin can. Most researchers already aren’t scared but for some reason, usually to sell people stuff, the paranormal community continues to advertise itself as “scary”. The work we are doing is exciting, emotional and just may be the most important work anyone has done to answer some of the oldest questions known to humankind. But, as long as thousands of researchers scream and run and hide and pant in breathless panic over a “clunk” in another room how in the world do you expect anyone to take us serious?