• Nain Rouge –  Detroit’s Devil?
    3:26 PM

    The Nain Rouge…where do I begin? About 15 years ago I assisted a local Detroit news channel with a special that they were producing for Halloween. I suggested that they do at least a small segment on The Nain Rouge. For me to say that they had no idea what I was talking about would

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  • Michigan’s Human Torch
    11:59 PM

    In the late 1800’s, in a small city, in Michigan a man named A.W. Underwood shocked crowds by setting things on fire… not with matches but with his breath. The abilities of Underwood were championed by Dr. L.C. Woodman, a practicing physician and veteran cavalry surgeon. The claim being made was that Underwood could breath

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  • 8:32 PM

    As the paranormal community becomes larger, and seemingly more outrageous, there have been quite a number of people who have recently started to refer to themselves as “Demonologists”. Now, I understand they believe that since they study “demonology,” the title fits. But we should remember that historically “demonology” and “demonologists” have little to do with

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  • 12:12 AM

    There are, of course, thousands of incidents I could have chosen for these holiday ideas, but I’ve tried to pick events which are not state specific and span across much of, if not all of, the United States. Some of these proposed holidays are serious, some are not, any of them would be great! 8.

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