March 5th Lecture in Indianapolis

On March 5th, 2011 I will be presenting a lecture at  Beach Grove Public Library in Indianapolis, Indiana. The lecture will cover various different aspects of paranormal research, everything from ghosts and hauntings to multi-dimesional realities. As always my lecture will be in an “open” format with questions being taken throughout the entire lecture/discussion. Also, I have made the choice to present for the first time at a public lecture an audio recording that was made many years ago. This audio recording was taken during the exorcism of a client who resided in northern Michigan. Although the entire recording is much to long to play, (over 2 hours), I have edited together the most startling and frightening portions to play at this lecture. Aside from editing for time , the only other edit that has been made is to remove the voice of the 2nd investigator who was in the room. As of this time he does not want any recognition or association with the experience. The client, on which the exorcism/deliverance, was performed is no longer with us and his family has given me permission to play the recording as long as the family name is not exposed. This lecture will be very startling and many be too intense for younger persons. Tickets are available at

Realm of the Weird – New Podcast

In case you didn’t know, at the beginning of January I launched a new bi-weekly podcast called Realm of the Weird. The episodes are between 10 and 20 minutes long and are formatted in the style of old-time radio horror shows. Every episode is based on actual cases from my files from over the past 20 years. To listen to Realm of the Weird just visit the official site at Information is on the site so that you can become a fan of the show on Facebook, follow the show on Twitter and subscribe using iTunes.
Thanks to everyone for their support in my new adventure!