Ghost Investigation Tips & Tricks

Optical systems of infrared thermometers gather energy from a circular spot which increases with distance. Make sure that your target is larger than the spot size you are measuring. The smaller the target, the closer you should be to it. The further away the more inaccurate the reading.

If a temperature anomaly is found by an investigator, since the field of measurement is of increasing size, a second investigator can be used to more accurately locate the temperature variance. Please remember you are not measuring air temperature you are measuring the heat/coolness of the surface you are near. Again, infrared thermometers are NOT measurng air temperature.

Vincent Price Demonologist!

vincentVincent Price: Witchcraft~Magic: An Adventure in Demonology, Capitol Records 1969.  Honest…How can you go wrong with…”The Secrets of Witchcraft & Magic Revealed by Vincent Price, Distinguished Actor & Demonologist” I’ve zipped this double LP into 3 files but beware it’s big and might take a little time to download. It’s worth it though, come on it’s Vincent Price…Demonologist!
Vincent Price 1
Vincent Price 1
Vincent Price 3

Gibson reads Neuromancer

neuromancercover‘Neuromancer’ : 1994
William Gibson reads ‘Neuromancer’. Running approx. 6 hours this recording contains almost the complete text of ‘Neuromancer’, except for a few abridged paragraphs. Gibson reads the story expressing the narrative drive the way he intended. U2 contributes one track, while the background sounds & music are peformed by Black Rain.

The original issue of the audio book is no longer available.

Download the zip file HERE