Robert Stack, UFOs and Psychics

Back in the early 1990’s I had the unique pleasure of working on the television show Unsolved Mysteries. I did this job while also working as a custodian at an elementary school. I also felt like I was part of a mystery since my non-disclosure form wouldn’t allow me to discuss my work and upcoming episodes with my friends. I now know I could have talked and no one would have cared, very much, but I was in my early twenties and I didn’t want to do anything that would sabotage my chances of not being a custodian.*

Over the couple of years I was “tapped” to research cases for the show I expressed an interest in whether or not the host of the show, Hollywood legend, Robert Stack actually believed in anything he was talking about. I figured that in most cases hosts and actors were being paid for their craft and so they probably didn’t really believe in the lines they were speaking.

I get my chance

After one notably busy day and being quite flustered with my inability to uncover any useful or interesting information about the episode I was working on;  I threw caution to the wind and just asked the question I had long rolled around my brain. Seizing on a moment between moments I posed the question to Mr. Stack, “Do you believe in any of the really strange stuff on this show?”

Robert StackThere was a beat and then the answer came.
“I really don’t know about the UFO stuff, I have a trusted friend who worked on a submarine and he saw something weird once. He said two objects, under the water merged together and then took off into the air. He reported the event but was told by his superiors to not talk about it.He has no reason to lie to me”

I sat for a second and tried again for something more personal. “But, what about you, personally?”

Again, there was a pause. Mr. Stack’s voice cleared a little and said, “When I was a kid my parents would hold seances. They had a man, a very impressive individual, who would come over and preside over the seances, he was like a yogi, a mystic. He could make things move, rattle and levitate. I saw these things happen with my own eyes. So yes, I believe in some of those things ESP, telekinesis.

There was also the time my wife went to see a psychic,** this was about a year before she met me, and the psychic told her that she was going to meet and marry someone who looked like Robert Stack. Well, she did”

Then it was back to work.

From that point forward it was a little easier, for me, to present information from my research. There was just something about knowing that the words being spoken by Mr. Stack had a little inkling of belief behind them …which made them all the more powerful.

* I don’t have anything against custodians, my father was one, I was one and many of the most beautiful people I have ever met have been custodians.
** The psychic Mrs. Stack saw was noted Hollywood psychic George Dareos
*** The quotes in this article were taken from my personal notes.


  1. Julie Ball

    I am a huge fan, I love listening to all of your stories and experiences. And your right about being a custodian is not a bad thing and many great people have done that before fame. An example – Kurt Cobain!

  2. Shannon

    I love that this is a nice TV show story when there are so many stories out there that are not. You don’t often get to hear the researcher’s take on a show & it’s host. Makes that show all the better knowing a cool punk rock kid, a real Weirdo ; o ) worked on all those interesting episodes. Thanks for sharing that part of your groovy life.


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