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    The End of Doomsday

    Welcome to Doomsday. Back in the 1990’s one of my most popular and often requested lectures was on the topic of Doomsday or “End of the World” scenarios. Obviously, as we inched closer to the year 2000 anxiety was running high. The political and social climate was also a perfect storm for collective nail-biting. Just to bring everyone back to the past, and therefore up to speed on what was happening, allow me to mention The first Gulf War, Koševo, The Rwandan genocide, the LA riots, Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 and Heaven’s Gate, the first World Trade Center bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Chechen wars, Clinton’s impeachment, the world’s first…

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    Michigan’s Most Haunted Cities 2019

    ROYAL OAK, Mich. — To help citizens enjoy their Halloween season, Paranormal researcher, John E.L. Tenney of WeirdLectures.com has once again identified Michigan’s Top 10 most haunted cities. Citizens who are easily scared or who are fascinated by the paranormal may be wondering where they can find — or hide from — the cities in Michigan where they’re most likely to encounter ghosts and paranormal phenomena. This year’s list is no surprise to those obsessed with the supernatural that Detroit is back at number one. “The top ten cities include places for believers and skeptics, living or otherwise,” says John E.L. Tenney, Tenney is a well-known veteran paranormal researcher, the…

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    File #733 – U.F.O. (1966)

    In 1966 Producer/Narrator Jack Jenkins released “File #733 UFO”. The record documents encounters with UFO occupants, cults and the United States Air Forces’ response to the phenomena. From the Back Record Cover “This unique recording offers the listener the actual first hand stories of those involved…as told in their own voices. It is a revelation to the uninitiated. Substantiation to the believing buff, and excitingly new information to the skeptic.” – Nick Lacy, “Week End West” A.B.C. Radio What is a U.F.O.? “If you’re looking for a simple answer to this question, you won’t find it in this album. Instead you will hear eye-witnesses claim the UFO’s they’ve seen to…

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    Can’t We All Just Take A Ride?

    For whatever reasons conversations of UFOs has once again reached a fevered pitch. This has happened many times over the last 70+ years but since many people alive right now aren’t 70+ years old it seems that they are unaware of the cyclical nature of the phenomena. No matter, here we are again Over the last few decades one thing that has not changed in these conversations are the arguments over who is “right” and who is “wrong” in regards to how the UFO phenomena is going to evolve. Will aliens be revealed as true?Does the government know about UFOs?How long has the “truth” about UFOs been kept from the…

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    Open Every Door

    Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door. – Emily Dickenson One of the most wonderful things about researching, investigating and even just having a general fascination with anomalistic, paranormal, UFOlogical, cryptozoological phenomena comes from the fact no one really knows anything. Since the fields are open to speculation and imagination we have the ability, and responsibility, to look at and ponder all of the endless facets of each experience. We can use scientific methods, trace stories through folklore and mythology, experiment wildly, and debate the smallest snow laden footprint, the largest spinning light in the sky and all the raps, bumps and figures in the night.…

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    The State of the Unusual 2019

    Friends, Family, Patrons, Ghost Hunters, Cryptozoologists, Ufologists, Phantologists, Saucerers, Transdimensional Witches, Animated Tin Cans, Robosaurians, Were-Worfs, Rosicrucians, Golden Dawn, Golden Girls, Skeptics, Believers, and Fellow Weirdos. Where we were…are? For those persons living in the past 2018 is approaching but for us it seems to have gone away. 2019 has arrived and it has brought along with it a surge in the sightings of UFO… television shows and new ideas about supernatural phenomena which will, once again most likely, be disregarded by popular paranormal reality shows. Twilight Zone is being rebooted, Unsolved Mysteries is being rebooted, Ghostbusters is being rebooted and the rebooted In Search Of has been booted off…

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    5 Things to Do in Detroit Once You’re Dead

    I’ve seen a dozen lists that discuss places people should go to in and around the Motor City before “you die,” and it got me thinking about all the amazing places that most people aren’t allowed to see. For reasons we won’t discuss, there can be some pretty heavy security and massive safety issues at certain locations in metro Detroit so you may never get the chance to visit them … if you’re alive. But if you were a ghost, you’d have unlimited access to these exciting — and sometimes bizarre — locations. Think of being dead as having a ghostly VIP pass. Of course, while you’re alive, it can’t…

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    Big Toe and The Whatzit

    Every state seems to have its mysterious creatures but where most people only know the “big” names in the cryptid world, (Mothman, Bigfoot, Jersey Devil, etc.), there are also local legends and lore that the residents seem to keep to themselves. Michigan has had its share of Bigfoot sightings, some say we even have a Dogman and a devilish little red imp but most people have never heard of two of the strangest creatures which may inhabit the Great Lakes, I’m talking about The Whatzit and Big Toe. Welcome The Whatzit In the late 1950’s in a suburb of Detroit the first sightings of The Whatzit were made. Residents of…

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    Gone Yesterday Hear Today. EVP?

    For those researching anomalistic/paranormal phenomena one thing is certain, there is not a lot of certainty. The inherent problems with researching that which is “unknown” is that we are very limited in what we do “know” and how directly related what is known to the unknown we research. Whew. The Quest Do digital cameras have a better chance at revealing “ghostly” manifestations or are film cameras the better option? Does analog audio tape more adequately reproduce the voices of the unseen world due to it’s influence-ability by electromagnetic fields or are the chip-sets in digital recorders more sensitive to the “spirit” world? Questions like these, and others like them, have…

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    2008 Most Haunted Cities in Michigan

    Every year WeirdLectures.com ranks the most haunted cities in Michigan. These rankings are based on news-stories, witness reports and investigations which occur throughout the year. If you have a strange “ghostly” experience feel free to drop an email to john(at)weirdlectures.com. The 2008 Top 10 Haunted Michigan Cities (2007 rankings in parentheses) Troy (4) Traverse City (1) Kalamazoo (6) Detroit (2) Ann Arbor (3) Flint (5) Alpena (-) Bay City (-) Jackson (7) Rochester Hills (9)