• Updating and Refreshing
    5:52 AM

    After 15 years Weird Lectures was finally hacked. We are currently rebuilding the entire site with completion expected January of 2022. As the site is rebuilt new and as always weird content will be added. Thank you for your patience!– Tenney

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  • The End of Doomsday
    6:17 PM

    Welcome to Doomsday. Back in the 1990’s one of my most popular and often requested lectures was on the topic of Doomsday or “End of the World” scenarios. Obviously, as we inched closer to the year 2000 anxiety was running high. The political and social climate was also a perfect storm for collective nail-biting. Just

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  • Michigan’s Most Haunted Cities 2019
    6:08 PM

    ROYAL OAK, Mich. — To help citizens enjoy their Halloween season, Paranormal researcher, John E.L. Tenney of WeirdLectures.com has once again identified Michigan’s Top 10 most haunted cities. Citizens who are easily scared or who are fascinated by the paranormal may be wondering where they can find — or hide from — the cities in

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  • File #733 – U.F.O. (1966)
    9:01 PM

    In 1966 Producer/Narrator Jack Jenkins released “File #733 UFO”. The record documents encounters with UFO occupants, cults and the United States Air Forces’ response to the phenomena. From the Back Record Cover “This unique recording offers the listener the actual first hand stories of those involved…as told in their own voices. It is a revelation

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  • Can’t We All Just Take A Ride?
    6:21 AM

    For whatever reasons conversations of UFOs has once again reached a fevered pitch. This has happened many times over the last 70+ years but since many people alive right now aren’t 70+ years old it seems that they are unaware of the cyclical nature of the phenomena. No matter, here we are again Over the

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  • Open Every Door
    6:28 PM

    Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door. Emily Dickenson One of the most wonderful things about researching, investigating and even just having a general fascination with anomalistic, paranormal, UFOlogical, cryptozoological phenomena comes from the fact no one really knows anything. Since the fields are open to speculation and imagination we have

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  • The State of the Unusual 2019
    6:18 PM

    Friends, Family, Patrons, Ghost Hunters, Cryptozoologists, Ufologists, Phantologists, Saucerers, Transdimensional Witches, Animated Tin Cans, Robosaurians, Were-Worfs, Rosicrucians, Golden Dawn, Golden Girls, Skeptics, Believers, and Fellow Weirdos. Where we were…are? For those persons living in the past 2018 is approaching but for us it seems to have gone away. 2019 has arrived and it has brought

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  • Recording your Dreams: Desychronized Sleep Manifestation
    8:14 PM

    Disclaimer:This article is written based upon my personal experiments and in this post, I am not going to go into, at any significant length, the problematic science behind the experiment. I am well aware of when Delta brainwaves are at their greatest amplitude and slowest frequency, (1.5 – 4 Hz), that an electric field is

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  • Gundella: Michigan’s Good Witch
    6:23 PM

    Decades ago when I first started awkwardly hanging around metaphysical conventions, I would often find myself, at some point, retreating to a quiet area in order to read the strange books and pamphlets I had acquired from the event’s participants. At those events, although filled with curiously thinking individuals, I seemed, as a teenage punk

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  • 7:57 PM

    Oct .1, 2018 ROYAL OAK, Mich. — To help citizens enjoy their Halloween season, Paranormal researcher John E.L. Tenney of WeirdLectures.com has once again identified Michigan’s Top 10 most haunted cities. The 2018 Top 10 Haunted Michigan Cities(2017 rankings in parentheses) 1. Hamtramck (7)2. Detroit (6)3. Traverse City (5)4. Kalamazoo (1)5. Ann Arbor (8)6. Troy

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